Berlin AW17: Ewa Herzog and the Decadence of Subtle

by Clara Meade 

Ewa Herzog finds inspiration in Berlin, a city she loves. Since 2010 she has had a constant presence in the city and it's fashion circle and each passing year that circle expands and she garners more attention along with admirers. And it is easy to see why. Her AW17 collection is a mixture of high fashion with ultra-feminine silhouettes which would appeal to both the functional woman and the woman who enjoys understated luxury. The color palettes are simple enough but the intricate embroidery complement by the exquisite fabric formulated a narrative of great substance and vigor. It is not a collection that would instantly stun you with color, neither it is a collection meant to inspire shock and awe, but it is collection that would grow on you and your wardrobe and before you know it, it will take over your wardrobe. The singular philosophy that drives Ewa is also the philosophy that drives this collection in being a representative form of art and vehicle of great commerce. Ewa has reached a point in her artistry where commercial success is almost inevitable as her work is so good. And this AW17 collection adds to that good-ness.