PFW AW17 : Futurism of Alexander McQueen

by Samantha Mitten

Sarah Burton has always been in the shadows of Alexander McQueen. Since her early introduction to the great design house where she worked as the only assistant to AmQ, she has lived and breathed AmQ for her creative existence.  When she took over from the brand as the creative director she fully embraced her role as an archivist as opposed to an outright disruptor within the AQ universe. But as she grows comfortable in her role, she has started remolding AmQ with her own vision. This fall collection is a curious and intriguing foray into that vision. The armored rigidity of AmQ is gone, replaced by the fluidity of a newer generation designer who respects history but is not burdened by it. AmQ always had a legacy, now it has a future to look forward to.