PFW AW17 : A Different Kind of Blue with Dior

by Olivia Moreau

If ever there was a time blue seemed like the right sidekick for black, this would be it. Maria Grazia Chuiri crafted a masterclass in shades of blue that veered, towed the line into black but never really crossing it. This wasn't the most traditional presentation of the Dior imagery but it was the most traditional presentation of Dior for millennials. The long coats deconstructed and tied in, provided the first glimpse of Maria's vision to bridge the gap between generations. And in a world where big fashion houses have to do more to sell more, this is a purely commercial decision. That does not mean the clothes aren't beautiful it just means that the beauty of these pieces would appeal more to certain age group and to people who think like them. It is truly NEW Dior collection. And the blues are just the colour of it's latest Noir.