MFW AW17 : Versace, a Jolt of Maturity

By Bianca Hill 

Donatella's Versace is no mug when it comes to bringing out the angst and brood but this collection shows a side of Versace which has often been a side act...the act of positivity and maturity. The strong colors are there, the grip and intrigue of silhouettes are there and the swagger of being Versace is as present as ever. What is new though is the transition of colors from red to black, pink to black, green to black. There's an evenness to this presentation, there's a sense of comfort and a sense of comfortable being in one's skin. If Gucci was an exploration of color and Fendi and exploration of tonality, then Versace is a mature synthesis of both. The black long coats, the red fur, the bravado of naval gazing are fully integrated with the collection. But there is nothing and I mean nothing that looks off, or out of place. This is a full collection of what Versace can be, what Versace is.