LFW AW17 : British Staple as Pringle of Scotland

by Lotus Ladegaard

Pringle of Scotland is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands in the world. Founded more than a hundred years ago in 1815 by Robert Pringle, the fashion house has always aimed at a modern and relevant style. In the 1920s, the argyle signature print became instantly popular when the Duke of Windsor was seen wearing it. In 1956, Pringle of Scotland received the Royal Warrant awarded by Queen of England. From royalty to celebrities such as Jean Simmons, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Jean Crawford, Pringle of Scotland has dressed them all. Ex-Balenciaga designer Alistair Carr was named Design Director in 2011 and the brand continues to do well under his direction. Pringle of Scotland's AW17 collection shows great range and diversity. From fitted luxurious dresses to oversized fuzzy coats, it is relevant, modern, stylish and luxurious, however, at times it fell a little flat and bordered on if not boring, at least somewhat monotone. Knitwear might not be everyone's favorite material or feel limited by it, but Pringle of Scotland knows how to make it interesting, modern and relevant. The collection offers something for women of all shapes, sizes and style preferences, from the avant-garde through classics to the trendy athleisure. The color palette is fairly simple; white, black, gray and darks beige with a few hints of bright cobalt blue, bright orange, the signature argyle design and a designed multicolor knit. The embellishments were kept classic but with a twist such as the black dress with the buttons across. The draped pieces were exquisitely done as were the two coats with capes. The oversized sleeves seams would have been nice in just a few pieces considering its impracticality and became somewhat monotone. Pringle of Scotland delivered a beautiful and interesting collection with some hits and some misses, but their status as a British staple is going to remain.