NYFW AW17 : Tory Burch Dresses Tracy Lord and That's The Philadelphia Story

by Andrea Austin Perez

Tory Burch wants us to find solace in her new collection at a time when everything in the USA seems combustible. The political instability, the demagoguery. the alternative facts are the basis for a lot of our woes. And Tory Burch, a Pennsylvania native knows it too well. Her fall collection is an homage to Tracy Lord (Katerine Hepburn)  of The Philadelphia Story and with each single look, you got the impression that the well tailored, blue-blooded look Tory was going for is lifted from a handbook of what Tracy Lord would wear.

This exquisite collection had the gravitas of a well-heeled socialite and the levity of a rebel.  In many ways, this is a synthesis of Tracy Lord being dressed by Tory Burch. And in many ways, it is just as magical as it sounds.