Couture Week 17 : Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel's Feathered Touch

by Carolina Arbucci 

Karl Lagerfeld likes the whimsy of fashion. Each Chanel show usually end up having a plethora of inside jokes and visual puns to make light of the absurdity of high fashion. And that signature move is not going anywhere. That being said, haute couture has limited scope of such levity and Lagerfeld knows it. Chanel's couture collection exuded a certain clarity about the role of couture. Elegant and whimsical with elongated lines and crinoline skirts, feathered with glittery mirrored aesthetics made the collection both functional while being steeped in the glory that is Chanel. As usual the attention to detail was present and with each passing look it became abundantly clear that Chanel is not forgoing its throne to anyone anytime soon.