Berlin AW17 : Guarding the Avant-Garde Castle with Isabel Vollrath

by Julie Lang 

Isabel Vollrath is the darling of Berlin's avant-garde scene. Looking at her AW17 collection would tell you why. Her ability to cross boundaries and casually bypass genres, is something to behold. If she was a singer she would be someone like Beck, if she was a painter she would be someone like Lin Ke. As a designer she creates silhouettes in every form and with the brevity of her needlework they take on a life of their own. In many ways her work is an art installation masquerading as fashion wear, or as fashion insiders call it avant-garde couture. What is unique about this collection and Isabel in general is her ability to keep her conceptual art functional. None of her looks would ever be considered over-the-top, yet they all share the DNA of something amazing, fresh and ultimately very very sellable. While some may find her color pallets to be traditionalist, the tailoring of the garments is anything but. In many ways Isabel at a relatively young age has figured out that balance. And it seems nothing can trip her up in her quest for glam and glory.