Berlin AW17 : Joining Michael Sontag's Big Tent Party

by Lotus Ladegaard 

Michael Sontag already made a name for himself as when he won Textil Innovationspreis as well as being a finalist in international competitions such as Designer for Tomorrow and Beck’s Fashion Experience, in 2009. He was also the youngest designer invited to participate . in the “Dysfashional” in 2009 in Paris. 

Michael Sontag does not like to call his work for collections, but rather sees them as a fluent process and views them as his within the conception of that narrative. He aims to blur the fashion classification and create a narrative detached from fashion parameters such as season and trends. His process is also unconventional as he never draws any of his designs, but instead he uses his superior draping skills on mannequins. Michael Sontag has become known for collections that are all about comfort, construction, draping and timeless elegance. 

Michael Sontag’s AW17 collection is an outstanding body of work. The colour palette is intriguing and intricate. While his colour compositions are not exactly unconventional, they are counter-intuitive. Black, white and grey were the dominant colours with splashes of vibrant oranges and pink tones. Beige, blue and an interesting print also came down the runway. The silhouettes were diverse and spanned from a short and fitted dress to draped and loose fitted jumpsuits. He did not leave anything out making room for a couple of male styles too. It was a collection of diversity and everything for any occasion. 

Michael Sontag is a master at draping and his coats were exquisite. Draped, easy to wear and were fashion forward, they are bound to be a huge favourite, this season and in seasons to come. His tops and pants will appeal to a wide audience and he is offering a wide selection of choices for any body type and any age. A few styles might have been mostly for the runway, but will appeal to his avant-garde followers. 

Regardless of one’s own fashion preferences, Michael Sontag delivered a collection with something for everyone, men and women alike, any body type, any age and any style. And that fully encapsulates fashion and art. It is counter-intuitive, it is diverse and above all it is inclusive.