Berlin AW17 : Lana Mueller and the Cult of Elegance

by Gemma Livingstone 

Lana Mueller the brainchild of Gelena Roizen and Lana Mueller lit up the second day of the Berlin Fashion Week. It is hard to imagine that this is Lana Mueller's second show. The experience that comes from having a clear vision and the skill-set to reach create that vision into reality was all too present within Lana and Gelenas' AW17 collection. If SS17 was an indication of great things to come, then this was a true homecoming. From exquisitely tailors silhouettes to devil may care flows of the dresses, Lana Mueller created a narrative that is ultimately tradition but steeped in couture and dress making. Between a plethora of androgyny and athleisure invading the catwalk,  Lana Mueller's collection stood out as a tall drink of water. The inherent attraction of the clothes presented today may be in their solid color palettes and whimsical flows, but they will settle into a beautiful shade of nostalgia as this collection hits the wardrobes of fashionistas and women of taste. Every single piece had a small story to tell and the grand narrative remained neatly tied into each piece. The beauty of the collection is both in detail and in its grand vision. And that level of equipoise only comes when you have been honing your talent to the point of a religion and your skill to the point of habit. Lana Mueller's AW17 collection would go down as one of the stronger collections envisioned this year, not because of the bells and whistles of the show (there were none) but because the clothes held their own and exuded a sense of quiet elegance.