Soaked in Dualism with Sabina Elezaj

by Olivia Moreau

Western philosophical traditions and Eastern philosophies have always been interested in duality. The notion of mind-body and the notion of reality through consciousness and unconsciousness have dictated philosophical conversations as old as time itself. From Descartes to Steven Pinker the conversation has been constructed the foundational knowledge of our realities. While such matters are rarely the topic of any fashion magazine let alone editorials, we were caught in two minds when artist and photographer Omi suggested we do an editorial with that specific strand of philosophy as the basis for presented aesthetics. But initial skepticism were soon replaced with adoring eyes as Omi with the help of body activist Sabina Elezaj took black white photographs and soaked them into the color of our perceived consciousness. The exploration of color as a form of dualism that inherently paints our realities is something quite new both within art and sciences and this editorial provides a foundational understanding of color impacting our sense of reality, duality of color affecting our sense of mood and ultimately our opinions of aesthetics and the world we live in. The intricacy that engulfs even a microsecond of our reality is captured in identical yet not so identical photographs. It reminds us that nothing is similar and the trends and forms we see through our own eyes are just infinite variations of a grand narrative of living. 


Photographer : Omi | Model: Sabina Elezaj

Assistant : Monique Kristensen | Arrangements : Linda Bezos