A Day in the Life of ... Dr. Jill Biden

by Olivia Moreau 

Dr. Jill Biden is not your most traditional (by that we mean passive) second lady. She is as accomplished (if not more) than her spouse (former) Vice-President and potential candidate for the office of the President Joe Biden. As a University of Delaware Ph.D. and an accomplished educator, she has used all the might of her office to push for education for young girls all over the world. After her husband left the office of the Vice President she got selected as the Board Chair of Save the Children and continues to push her advocacy through the means of the Biden Foundation. Her exceptional contribution in spreading equality through education and her ability to connect with her audience has made her the darling of not only Democrats but also made her a well-respected figure among the traditional Republicans in the US. So to capture the essence of her constant advocacy while juggling a thousand different duties from being the Second Lady to being a Grandmother to being a Teacher (she still teaches at Community colleges in Washington D.C.) we wanted the provide clarity and a cohesive narrative of who she is in a series of photos. 

From meeting with children in a small school in Istanbul to meeting with refugees in a refugee camp to visiting the presidential palace she gave us a glimpse of her ability to transition seamlessly through many roles Women go through each day.  

We sent Omi, a Harvard trained academic turned Vogue photographer, editor, and Smithsonian artist to peer into the intricacies of an uplifting and substantive life served with the clarity of purpose. This is just a day in the life of  Dr. Jill Biden, a woman who we admire for having a substantial impact on our future in the most understated and positive way.