Redemption and the Future of Italian Couture

by the Editorial Staff

Redemption is not your run of the mil fashion house. The social impact strategy it follows (by donating 50% of its net profit to charities) is not only commendable but also worth replicating. So it is no surprise that a lot of people have a soft spot for this Italian brand which exudes a sense of libertarian whimsy with a touch of Italian flair. This fall collection provided a glimpse into Gabriele Moratti's playbook concerning functional couture. The collection of just 10 gowns suggested an already efficient and minimalist (relatively) approach to Haute Couture and a closer look would suggest that is exactly where Redemption is moving in terms of its current collection. That is not to say that this collection lacks any of the pomp and grandeur you expect with Italian couture, those are all present in its DNA being within the realm of untamed rock-n-roll influence and glittering embroideries. But what is unique (if not rebellious) about this collection is the ability of Moratti to create a narrative that complements the notion of couture while remaining true to Redemption's blueprint. Redemption had a foundational understanding of where couture is going and we loved it.