Haute Escapism of Francesco Scognamiglio

by Linda Bezos 

Francesco Scognamiglio skipped Paris haute couture but released his couture collection from his atelier in Milan. His work is of a traditional master devoid of the exhausting celebrity driven outputs of bigger fashion houses. He views his couture work to be the pinnacle of fashion and rightly so. While Paris was full of experimentation and levity, Francesco's work is of meditation and seriousness. Despite the philosophical schism that exists between old masters and new machines, the quality of Scognamiglio's work is undisputed. The escapism from the hordes of fashion bloggers, stylists is all there as a form of quiet revolution, creating a foundation for solace if not utopia. And haute couture is the right space to enjoy the heady height of fashion's ivory tower and from the looks of it, Scognamiglio is enjoying it.