30 Years of Moving Fashion Forward with Vera Wang

by Lotus Ladegaard

Vera Wang is celebrating her 30th anniversary in the fashion industry with a knock-out Bridal Collection for Fall 2020 which is also her 60th Bridal collection. Many might have been tempted to look back and celebrate previous successes, however, Vera Wang never fails to look ahead and design for the future. Vera Wang is not afraid to sway away from the classical silhouettes or challenge herself to new silhouettes with classic textiles. The Bridal Fall 2020 collection was fun and fresh, innovative and full of classic bridal white, which feels very refreshing in a time when colours seem to dominate the Bridal trends.

The collection featured a variation of silhouettes from high-low to sleek and fitted in addition to a few styles that borderline avant-garde details. She continues to play with straps, oversized sleeves, layers and removable pieces such as straps and bras. The colour palette was kept in white tones with contrasting black as embroidered statements and accessories as well as a beautifully tailored A-line dress with almost two sets of skirts styled with an exquisite hat and mint leather gloves. Other stand-out pieces were the white ballgown with ruffles and skirt in chiffon and tulle with a black embroidered “I DO” in gothic letters and a removable black bra and straps along with the two beautiful fitted and sleek dresses with over-the-shoulder straps and sleeves. The collection also featured a few more classic silhouettes such as the easy-to-wear dress with oversized sleeves.  

Vera Wang’s Fall Bridal 2020 collection shows exactly why the experienced designer has been relevant for so many years. She is bold and unafraid when it comes to experimenting with both silhouette, textiles, and details and thus manages to win new territory again and again.