Red Valentino and the Joy of Lightness

by Olivia Moreau

Pierpaolo Piccioli saunters through Red Valentino as a designer who is completely comfortable with who he is. While the artistic struggle to remain consistent and relevant still remains (as it should) Red Valentino takes on the role of a sheltered existence from the harshness of reality. At a time when feminism is truly under siege from old white men, Red Valentino provides an ecosystem of aesthetics built solely on the shoulders of romanticism. The quality of work and the presence of multicolored, soft fabrics layered with even softer tones make this collection feel like cotton candy…sweet, nostalgic and may be a bit too ethereal. But in a world where celebrities throw “Handmaiden Parties” and abortion rights are being trampled, this sort of softer aesthetics provides a brief sense of joy and a brief sense of serenity. And that remains the primary value of fashion.