The Joy of Olivier Rousteing w/ Balmain

by Lotus Ladegaard

Balmain has been around since 1946 and after years of static repetition new life has been infused into the traditional fashion house with the introduction of Olivier Rousteing as Creative Director. He has continuously managed to make an impact with both editors and fashionistas alike. He creates collections with a fresh take on French Couture yet remaining very Balmain.

Considering Olivier Rousteing’s recent posts on Instagram, the Prefall 2019 collection is hardly a major surprise, but the crafty designer knows how to work the social media to his advantage and the early spoilers set the Prefall collection perfectly. From Asian architecture to bold avant-garde couture and hints of Fantasia, the new collection is uniquely Olivier's own.

The Balmain Prefall 2019 collection is full of bold prints and strong silhouettes. It has a fresh and delightful feel about is and will undoubtedly excite the world of fashion. From spiked shoulders to exaggerated and avant-garde silhouettes, Olivier Rousteing knows how to deliver to the loyal Balmain followers as well as draw new in.

Several pieces stood out and left an impression like the black jackets with white lapels and oversized cuffs styled with loose yet sexy stonewashed jeans. The printed dress with an almost bare torso was another stand-out. The collection also offered several off-the-shoulder pieces like the embroidered dress with exaggerated skirt and bodice and the black and white dress with oversized sleeves which also stood out and made an impact.

As always, Olivier Rousteing has an eye for the finishing and delivered an impeccably tailored collection that is even more impressive when you take a second look at all the details and styling.

Balmain’s Prefall 2019 collection is another home-run from the exciting designer.