Gucci and the Undying Levity of Standing Out

by Lydia Tan

Gucci is to street fashion is what Google is to search engines. There are many before it, there are many after it, but the name always reigns supreme. This look-book shot by director and photographer Harmony Korine in the archaeological parks of Pompeii and Herculaneum, has that element of gravitas attached to it. The clothes are what you would expect from Alessandro Michele’s team and they deliver being an experience by themselves, each styling telling a different story. Whether or not you buy into that element of fantastic is an individual choice as some would find these narratives to be to out there, but then again, not everything is for everyone. Gucci’s appeal is like a peacock, not every garden needs one, but some gardens prefer them. Caftans, brocades and printed suits are all stable by now, and the stories they tell is of confidence and clarity of vision. Gucci stands out because it is its sole goal.