The Circus of Excellence with Vivienne Westwood

by Lotus Ladegaard

Only a handful of designers and fashion brands are able to continuously excite and surprise like Vivienne Westwood, who has always managed to stand out among her peers in the world of fashion. Equally quirky and fashion-forward, the new Fall Collection is everything we have come to expect from the British designer, and with colorful editorial appeal, it is bound to excite fashionistas and fashion editors alike. Her ability to stay consistent and relevant is unprecedented, and while not to everyone’s taste, no one can deny that Vivienne Westwood is clearly still one of the most iconic fashion designers around.

The norm has never been something to follow according to the designer, who has styled her Fall Collection with models ranging from plus size to seniors, real size models to models of shapes we are familiar with. Subtle as well as more direct references to "Great" Britain, the British way of life, Brexit and the European Union can be found in Vivienne Westwood’s Fall Collection with that certain girl power edge the designer always brings to the table. 

The color palette offered any color of the rainbow and then some with bold prints and softer warmer earth tones. From suits to dresses, separates to gowns, everything is offered in this fresh and fashion-forward collection. Standing out was a mini collection of draped pastel pink pieces which were fresh and fashion-forward despite the dainty color, especially the draped shirt with oversized sleeves and the draped Grecian dress. A dark blue wrap dress in almost sheer fabric will be another winner among fashion-forward people around the world, the other dark blue dress with one shoulder and moderate sweetheart neckline styled with harness is also likely to be among the top sellers, even without the harness. Other standouts were the striped pieces, suits and dresses alike.  Especially the dresses are done in a busy colorful striped fabric and easy to wear. Tartan pieces are bound to excite the more avant-garde followers, and even win over new territory, especially the outerwear is edgy and just quirky enough while remaining very wearable. Several other pieces also made for a fantastic show such as the blush sequined wrap dress styled with ammunition and camouflage bag pack and the brown suit with an oversized shirt with cravat and the navy-blue cape styled with camouflage shirt and pants.

Vivienne Westwood’s Fall Collection is a tailoring masterpiece with the right amount of oomph and quirkiness to excite her followers.