John Galliano sans John Galliano

by Olivia Moreau

John Galliano left his namesake brand in 2011 but the brand itself did not die out as it was nurtured by Galliano's confidant Bill Gaytten. Now it's 6th year without Galliano, the brand is flourishing and making a statement of its own. The ever-present blue roaring tiger embroidery on jackets and shirts, Marie Antoinette portraits on a T-shirt makes the brand more of Gaytten's brainchild as opposed to a Galliano project. And that is not a bad thing either. Gaytten infuses a sense of whimsy, a sense of movement, a sense of youthfulness that stands out and in many ways moves away from the ever long shadow of Galliano's genius. Gaytten is his own man, and John Galliano shows him in full bloom.